Products & Capabilities – Transport

There is a growing demand from large portions of the World’s population to travel both nationally and internationally on a scale that was previously not predicted. The use of ‘planes, trains and automobiles’ is now taken for granted by many people in developed and developing countries which, coupled with the expanding population is driving our need for improved transport networks.

Adding to this, the raised awareness and concerns about emissions and polution while trying to reduce the use and dependency on fossil fuels provide some real challenges for our transport networks.

We have been providing leading transport manufacturers with products which are integrated into their own passenger systems such as;

  • Auxiliary converters, power supplies and battery chargers for rail passenger transit
  • Inverters for onboard train air-conditioning and comfort cooling
  • Specialist motor drives for commercial aircraft
  • Hybrid electrical converters for use in the automotive market


Providing custom products which have been designed and certified for safe, reliable and efficient use has utilised our long history and experience of providing high quality market and application specific offerings which are rarely noticed by the travelling public but are helping to make their journeys more comfortable, more enjoyable and less damaging to the environment.

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