Products & Capabilities – Energy

Energy has always been of critical importance to mankind but rarely has this been more apparent and publisised than it is now. The global reliance on fossil fuels is changing with the emergence of renewable energy as a viable substitute never more realistic and never more important.

Since the formation of our company TPS has been focussed on designing and manufacturing the highest performance products and systems for the Energy market. Our high efficiency generators and grid-connect / islanded inverters offer technology platforms which allow many forms of energy sector applications to be realised. Typical energy sector areas in which our offerings can be utilised to the benefit of the OEM, system integrator and end customer are;

  • High speed generators and inverters for direct connection to gas turbines for distributed generation
  • High efficiency generators and inverters integrated into energy recovery systems such as rankine cycle, diesel engine power take-off, Stirling engine, steam turbine, process gas energy recovery systems
  • Customised inverter solutions for solar, tidal, wave and wind power projects


Our approach of designing and manufacturing the most optimal electrical / mechanical systems to suit a customers requirements ensures the best overall system efficiency, performance and cost-effectiveness for the entire through-life requirements of the installation.

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