Electrical Machines Division

The 45,000 sq ft plant is located near Heathrow Airport, just west of London. This facility houses engineering, manufacturing, quality and test functions in a purpose built environment. A cellular approach is utilised, with discrete cells for stator manufacture, rotor manufacture, final assembly and inspection. In addition a state-of-the-art test cell facility with five cells for testing high speed electric machines up to full speed is available for design validation, qualification and certification, as well as production acceptance testing. All of the manufacturing and test cells are flexible in nature to meet the needs of a wide range of machine types and rating.

Electrical Machines Experience

  • Broad range of experience in Permanent Magnet synchronous machines
  • High-speed as well as conventional speeds
  • Axial gap, radial gap, liquid and gas cooled
  • Medium to high temperature


Engineering Capabilities

Turbo Power Systems has built a highly experienced team of engineers that cover the full array of disciplines required to successfully complete a high-speed machine programme. These skills cover electrical system design and analysis, electromagnetic design, thermal modeling, rotor dynamic analysis, stress analysis and various FEA simulation techniques. We provide in-house expertise in magnetic materials, high-strength alloys and high-temperature polymeric structures such as carbon-fibre composite and electrical insulation systems. We have experience with various bearing technologies including; plain, rolling element and magnetic bearings.

Power Range Capability

Turbo Power Systems has over 15 years experience in the design and manufacture of a wide range of direct-drive high-speed electric machines for turbomachinery applications, with ratings currently up to 1.2MW. These Permanent Magnet (PM) motors and generators are designed to operate at the same speed as the turbomachinery they are connected to, eliminating the cost and complexity of the geared drivetrain that is normally required. Scaling of our existing PM technology will allow direct-drive solutions to 10MW and over.

Operating Speed Capability and System Approach

Operating speeds within our experience range from 10.000 rpm to 70.000 rpm. Due to the high fundamental frequencies resulting from operation at these speeds, most applications require the use of an inverter to allow the machine to be connected to the supply or the load. These inverters and drives are designed and manufactured by our Power Electronics Division and are ideally matched to the characteristics of the motor or generator. This approach ensures that the customer can rely on a single supplier to provide a solution with maximum functionality, reliability and efficiency at the lowest cost. In our experience, a very close matching between the electric machine and the electronics design are critical to the success of a high speed application.

Class Leading Efficiency

Our electric machines offer industry-best efficiencies, in some cases between 98 to 99%. In addition, direct-drive allows the use of high efficiency, lubricant-free couplings and bearings, greatly enhancing the benefits to the end user. Our power electronics demonstrate similar levels of efficiency to our electric machines, which can result in system efficiencies in excess of 96%. These high system efficiencies are typically maintained over the entire operating speed range, and at part loads well below 50%, where fixed speed solutions would suffer from significant loss of efficiency.

Dual Mode Capability

In the majority of applications the machine will be required to operate either as a motor or a generator. However there are some dual mode applications such as starter/generators, where we can offer a single system to provide both functions. This type of system would incorporate additional functionality in the power electronics that allows for power reversal to and from the rotating machine.

High Speed Motor Applications

Typical applications for high-speed motors are industrial compressors, oil and gas compressors, HVAC compressors, laser and fuel cell cooling systems. Most of these applications can benefit significantly from direct drive, variable speed, contamination free motors, and with the availability of cost effective magnetic bearings, we can offer a world leading service to design and manufacture to the exacting requirements of the customer. Turbo Power Systems is currently developing and manufacturing direct drive motors and motor drives for a number of large industrial OEM’s in the range of 15kW to 500kW. These applications require a volume manufacturing capability that is met by our UK manufacturing plants near London and Gateshead.

High Speed Generator Applications

For power generation applications, we provide direct-drive generators for gas turbine engines up to 1.2MW. The direct coupling allows for elimination of the high-ratio gearbox, and associated losses and maintenance requirements. The generators are supplied with advanced power electronics modules to allow connection to a wide range of utility networks. We have also developed dual mode inverters that allow sub-cycle seamless transfer from grid connected to stand alone operation. Our inverters offer a number of built in protection, power quality and operational benefits that greatly exceed the capabilities of conventional generators. The total independence of the inverter’s output voltage and frequency from the generator voltage and frequency allows much greater flexibility to ensure the highest power quality output to the load. Additional benefits, such as power factor correction capability, enhance the appeal of our direct drive solutions. For single shaft engines, the high speed generator can also be used to start the engine, this is achieved through power reversal in the main inverter, or in some cases a separate starting inverter.

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