World Class Systems – Leading Technologies

World Class Systems – Leading Technologies

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Turbo Power Systems innovative electrical motors, generators and power electronics utilise our patented technologies and highly-qualified engineers to provide custom solutions for the Energy, Industrial, Transport/automotive and Defence markets.

The Electrical Machines Division designs and manufactures high performance permanent magnet motors and generators offering custom designed, high efficiency products in areas such as; high speed motors for air and gas compression, submersible motors for the oil and gas industry, integrated generators for distributed generation, energy recovery and power delivery systems and can provide tailored solutions to meet the most challenging requirements.

The Power Electronics Division specialises in the design and manufacture of a wide range of power electronics products for several different applications in our chosen markets including: grid connect and islanded inverters for solar, tidal, wave and wind power applications; variable frequency drives for industrial and aerospace applications, specialist high voltage power supplies;  auxiliary power converters and battery chargers for the rail industry; power converters for distributed generation systems.

Technical innovation and engineering excellence underpin the products offered by Turbo Power Systems. Designed for ease of operation in demanding environments Turbo Power Systems’ products are able to provide a wide range of advanced solutions for the Electrical Machines and Power Electronics markets.

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Design for Manufacture

Our electrical machines and power electronics facilities have a full complement of co-located engineering, manufacturing, quality, test and project management personnel to maximize cross-pollination throughout the product development process. This ensures a rapid turnaround from customer concept to product delivery, as well as providing the right environment to achieve the best ‘design for manufacture.’ Our entire product development process is gated to ensure that every decision is measured against its ability to provide the customer with the lowest cost, highest efficiency and highest reliability solution. Our technology is covered by 21 world patents which cover the overall design as well as a number of specific design features and build methods, with further patents pending.

Total Quality Assurance

The performance requirements and operating environments for our products require a detailed focus on achieving and maintaining a high level of manufacturing precision and control over the processes used for assembly and test. Both of our facilities are accredited to ISO9001 Quality Assurance and have significant investment relating to quality control. The Gateshead site also has AS9100 aerospace accreditation. Our Total Quality culture extends across all aspects of what we do, from customer enquiry, through design, manufacture, test and at the point of sale. Turbo Power Systems also provides a high level of aftermarket support, ensuring that the ownership experience meets the needs of the customer over the entire life cycle of our products. If you’re in doubt, then simply Google our name and see what people say.

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